Sunday, September 6, 2009

A little disappointed..

Well I tried out Jessica Endurance B/C, and Top Priority T/C (with China Glaze Flying Dragon) and I wasn't really impressed, the B/C dried fast enough, and the T/C dried with reasonable speed and great shine the downfall is that I only had my for 8 hrs before the polish started to peel off in massive pieces.. I only typed for a few hours, other than that I was reading text books and conversing with family not exactly extreme activity for nails.. but I'll give it another go.. before I give my final verdict..

Loved Flying Dragon, such a pretty neon purple with fine glitter!! I was going to 'nad' it but it came off before i had a chance :(

in other news went on eBay with the sole purpose to pay for one item.. ended my eBay session with 3 items paid for and 10 more that I've placed bids on.. will fill you in when i receive the items.. but I'm very excited!!

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