Sunday, August 30, 2009

I truly am a child of the 80's

I wish i could say i just want these sneakers.. but no i NEED them..I instantly though of Rainbow Bright!! Shoes is another one of my severe weaknesses, sneakers in particular. & i just culled 2/3 of my sneaker collection so i do have the space for a new pair or two... So no more nail polish until i have these babies on my feet!! Hopefully i won't have to resort to eBay but the hunt has now started..

Contest Alert!

painted Lady fingers has a celebratory contest in recognition of getting 50 followers the prize is Coraline Konad Kit A; enter here

Diana has a great blog, the photos are great and the whimsical use of props extraordinarily charming. Completely lusting after her Nfu-Oh cuticle oil & flakie polish.. they are definatly on my "to get list"!

Glittermillie's Nails and Sparkle also has a contest in recognition of getting 50 followers the prize is either 5 Barry M or 1 Illamasqua nail polish/s; enter here

Millies blog is full of sparkly polish konad, and her gorgeous cats. As much as I love my fish I still miss having a furry wee beastie around to play with.

Just found another couple of blogs with contests Do Not Refreeze  &  Live. Laugh. Love. Fashion.
Both blogs are pretty cool but haven't had the time to properly critique them.

Whether one enter the contests or not i would definitely reccomend checking out these gorgeous blogs!

Midnight mani!

Base; China Glaze - White on White
Hello Kitty; Konad Special Polish - Black
Hearts; China Glaze - LOL & IDK

I used Konad plate m3 for the hearts and "fauxnad" plate A02 for Hello Kitty. I managed to find a seller on eBay that was not selling mixed lots, so I knew I definitely was getting the HK plate. (& just to be sure I messaged them and they were prompt and super nice) Hello Kitty is another one of my weaknesses, & I'm kicking myself that my self imposed makeup ban accidently conincided with MAC HK range.. (I did sneak a few items from that range past my ban but with hindsight.. not enough!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pics from my last haul!

From the China Glaze INK collection,
Nail decals, Blue Sparrow, Flying Dragon, Ink, LE Orange Cuticle Oil

Paper Chasing, Sky High-Top, Bermuda Breakaway, Solar Power.

OMG Wireless Holographic T/C, White on White, Black Leather, Ghoulish Glow T/C

From the China Glaze OMG collection;

I can't begin to describe how pretty these polishes are. The holographic OMG range is gorgeous (and great for konad) some are more subtle in their holographic nature (LOL, QT, DV8), but they dry really quickly and the colors themselves are really pretty.

Both Blue Sparrow and Flying Dragon have glitter in them & I found I needed 2 coats of T/C to make my nails shiny and smooth. With any glitter polish it's a little tougher to get off but these 2 are well worth the extra hassle!

Paper Chasing is a fantastic green with a green shimmer, Sky High-Top has a blue shimmer through it. I was really worried about Paper Chasing having read that some people needed 3+ coats to make it opake but mine was fine with just 2 (maybe i got lucky). I will definately be buying more from the Custom Kicks collection that these 2 polishes are from!

Bermuda Breakaway, a wonderful creme blue, Solar Power a happy yellow with shimmer, they look really nice together and plan on doing a Dita Von Teese mani with these 2!

Went a little polish crazy!!

Because I study online, I have too much of an opportunity to go shopping.. particularly at 8ty8Beauty Supply!! Just opened a package containing no less than 12 polishes!! I also got some orange cuticle oil, nail art glitter and a crystal nail file! I'll post pics when i find my camera!! I'm torn between getting new Konad plates or more China Glaze next time i get bitten by the spending bug.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Got rather 2 excited with online shopping

Well I satisfied my green nail polish fixation for the moment, as i successfully hunted down on eBay China Glaze Emerald Sparkle with that i also purchased; Nubar Greener and Zoya Suvi. I'm so happy with both Greener and Emerald Sparkle both are fabulous colors and the glitter in the ES is mezmerizing. Suvi is nice but is very similer to China Glaze's Gussied Up in Green.

While waiting for my purchases to arrive I bought a few cheap colours from my local chemist. Ulta3 is only $2AU and the range of colours is great. Some require at least 3 coats, but most only need 2. they're great if you want to test drive a colour before you invest in more expensive polish.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nail polish

About a fortnight ago i was doing some serious procrastination, using one of the most valuable tools the internet has to offer; Youtube! I came across a few videos on Konad, (which is ridiculously cute nail stamping system) and fell in love. My addiction to all things nail related has come back to bite me and no amount of rehab will cure me of my affliction. Also 'discovered' China Glaze a nail polish that we don't have here in Australia (or at least I've never seen it) the colors are amazing; I just couldn't help myself and ordered a huge amount online. Got a few bottles from the OMG range; Ruby Pumps and Gussied up in Green.
I was a devotee of OPI but I fear China Glaze has changed that, I am smitten. The downfall is that I can only order it online and don't have a chance to see it in the bottle, but with OPI costing $19.99 AU; paying $2.68 US for China Glaze (+ postage) the price is better and I don't feel so bad buying in bulk. (Just so I can save on postage or that's what i tell myself.)

This a picture of my 1st play session with Konad (plate m19 & s9), I'm pretty pleased with it though I did smudge it a little.

My pets

Just 3 of my little fish, currently the proud owner of 5 neon tetras, 1 rummy nose tetra, 2 harlequins and a tiny leopard catfish! Unfortunately fish don't pose to get their photo taken so this was the best pic out of the seemingly hundreds that I took.