Monday, September 14, 2009

Eyeko Haul

I got my package from Eyeko this morning, needless to say I postponed my studies till I examined all my goodies. Firstly the packaging is so cute, and very small! I haven't swatched any of the polishes but I strongly recommend cleaning the lids, as all of mine were seriously gunked up with polish. Unfotunatly I've run out of polish thinner, and the constistesy of Disco Polish is thicker than my Konad special polish :(
Eyeko baby polishes

Pretty Magic Eyes Set

The eyeshadow seems to have a decent amount of shimmer and reasonable staying power (Pretty Eyes), I would have prefered to have swapped the dark pink and the salmon color around just becuase it's a more wearable everyday color.. I have't yet tested the Magic Liquid Eyeliner, but i will keep you ladies posted when i do..
Free goodies!!
Yay!! I love free stuff.. I got a postcard, a Face Off cleanser wipe, and Beauty Rehab Rose Salve. On MUA I could only find reveiw for the mint salve. This has a reasonably thick consistancy and a pleasent rose scent. All in all the postage was quick, and I love getting things that I've been lusting after on sale.. + free stuff is always good!


  1. I got the 6 polishes after you had posted about the code (thanks for that, btw). I got mine on Thursday last week and I haven't tried them out yet. I didn't realize how small they were either! Those things are tiny!

  2. They're so adorable! I haven't swatched mine yet either :)