Friday, September 4, 2009

Boy, do I love a bargain!

I'm just a tad stressed about uni and attempting to retrieve my stuff from an ex, and a spot of retail therapy was just what Dr. Katie prescribed..
  • OC Nail Art, to top up my Konad collection, (scrounged Google for discount codes) ended up with only 3 special polishes (Jungle Green, Violet Pearl, Metallic Pink)and 5 disks (M50, M51, M59,M63, &M70) I intially had 4 time as much in my cart and culled it substantially which i'm most proud of..
  • Eyeko to buy the set of 6 nail polishes (thanks Nixxy!) I've been trying to resist these cuties for a while now.. but in my weakened state, i caved big time! (I used the code E4566 that i found)
  • Bought a remmant of bright yellow stretch fabirc from my local haberdashery for 75c!! so I'm planning on making a Plushie Luma (from Mario Galaxy) I discovered the pattern on and I've been itching to try it!
So now i'm extraordinarily happy.. and while I'm waiting for my bundles of goodies to be delivered to my door I'll be making plushie/s!


  1. Glad I could enable you! BTW - it took exactly a week for the Eyekos to reach me after I got the notice of shipping - just so you know when to start waiting by the letterbox :)

  2. I ordered my Eyekos a little while back. Got a shipment notification! Hope they get here soon, they look so cute!