Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I intially walked passed Inglot (and ended up poorer for going inside..)

I got  AMC lipgloss in 541, Eyeliner Gel in 77 (matte black) and a 10 (square) eyeshadow palette from the Freedom System. 
Firstly the palette; I love the fact you can chose your own colours to put in the case, and there are so many to decide between. Also if you run out of a colour you can buy them separately ($12 for square; $10 for round) The best value for money is the 10 square palette, there more product for a few dollars more.  ($85 for square; $82 for round)   I did attempt to move the shadows around in the palette; but after scraping one pretty badly I left them as they were put in. I had to mainly guess (with the help of google) and try to remember what each shadow was numbered due to the numbers being underneath the pan.  The pigmentation is beyond fantastic, with a eyeshadow base they can last all day!  I wanted a red in this palette but a little afraid and ignorant on how to actually wear red (outside of Halloween)  449 is pinky red, helped by the pearl finish, it's a really pretty color. The girl at the counter told me not to wear it in the inside corner, and paired it up with 488 for a softer look.  The staff are always so helpful and although I've asked many stupid questions they've always given a good answer in such a way not to make me feel like a complete dunce.                               

Top row, 449, 488, 444, 68, 63; Bottom row, 27 72 454 491, 61

The Eyeliner Gel is fantastic!! Great pigmentation, such a solid black!!! You only need a smidge for a great line, and no irritations along the water line either.  Another tip I picked up from the staff is to "set" the eyeliner with the matte black eyeshadow.
As for the lipgloss I should have bought this colour initially, though it looks less impressive in the bottle it's great on the lips, not over bearing but every now and then a bright flash of violet!! once again same formula as my previous one.

Needless to say I will be going back to Inglot, my love affair with their freedom system has only just begun!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NOTD, Tiffany Bow

This is a classic Konad mani, China Galze's For Audrey, finished of with Konad plate m56.

I can't remember where I first saw this; though I do remember where I first found out about Konad, I was a novice at applying false eyelashes so I went to my favourite online teacher for all things make up YouTube!! The most helpfulul vid for me was done by xsparkage aka. Leesha, looking through her other vids I first laid eyes on the Konad stamping system.. It was love at first site!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Halloween post that got lost somehow...

Hmmm not sure how this happened but I thought I may as well post it anyway... I did get my grubby little mitts on some of the Malefiecent collection by Mac.  I was hoping to get the other nail polishes but I was unable to get to the store before they all sold out. So I had to make up for my overwhelming loss by buying other items...
Starting at the left back Violoetta , Bad Fairy ,Wrong Spell and My Dark Magic down in front. 
The Mineralize Eye Shadow is as good as ever, Wrong Spell is great for layering and contouring the lips, Violetta is a bold purple lipstick need I say more.. Well my work was having a Halloween themed couple of days so below are my efforts for both days. Day 1 was inspired by the Disney Evil Queens,

Next day at work I went for a Zombie Shirley Temple look.. using a broken green eyeshadow mixed in with my foundation to give a nice undead touch.. no normal blush either I used a cheap and nasty blue/green eyeshadow pallette..

Inglot Holographic Lipglosses (AMC)

color 542

a different angle in attempt to show the "holo"

Last time I went to Inglot I had huge fun playing around with their eyeshadow.. the only thing that drew me away momentarily, was this super snazzy lip gloss range!! It's so so pretty.. and shiny!! It unfortunately does not look like it does in the tube on the lips.. a faint shimmer but nothing to "squeee" about! It has reasonable though not great staying power and the taste isn't over bearing, a bit like a sweet bakery good.. couldn't quite narrow it down further. It does apply like a dream, it's smooth and light feeling, no gloopy lips with this gloss!! The only reason why I bought 542 at the time as there were only 2 of it left in stock and about a dozen of 541; and I could only afford one at the time. Which brings me round to cost.. I think it was $28.. Not too bad for this quality of product though I do have cheaper glosses that look pretty much the same.. I will be returning to purchase 541; mainly due to it being a  purple holo shimmer in a clear base..

Layed over Australis lipstick,  21 Diamonds/Disco Fever

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mascara review

 Mascara is one of my desert island makeup must haves; so when a co-worker said that Priceline had all Maybelline Mascaras down to $10; I raced up in my coffee break to grab the new one out! 
Instantly fell in love with the big fat purple/fushcia tube! I like the chunky packaging alot! Got home and tried it out...

naked lashes.

1 coat

2 coats

and wasn't too happy with the results; I had no idea how to make use of  the 'spoon' shaped brush; (mainly due to my haste in smelling the product; I ripped the outer packaging off at work and threw it away) it was a little clumpy/flakey and my lashes stuck together... Maybelline website to the rescue!!

What Maybelline says;

Why You'll Love It
-Patented Spoon brush and Kera-fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping
-Unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of 300% more lashes
-Ophthalmologist tested
-Contact lens safe

For Best Results
Hold brush with spoon side against lashes and sweep from root to tip to fill in gaps and coat each lash with Kera-fiber formula. Repeat until false lash look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats.

so that helped a bit;

  •  lashes are appear longer, and have more volume all the way to the tip
  • clumpy issue sorted by not letting it dry between coats..
  •  spoon side?? what is spoon side? spoons have 2 sides so which is it?? the concave or convex side?? I tried both sides of the "spoon" which yielded similar results though the concave fared marginally better..
  • and have decided that my eyelashes hate me and will always stick together..
It's not a bad mascara; but I think it doesn't deliver on 8x volume or the 300% more lashes look; nor do I like the fact that if you add to it later you end up with a clumpy mess (say if you're going out straight from work)
I like the smell (mmmm beeswaxy); it does make your lashes longer looking and thicker, but not to the extent where I think "falsies", love the packaging and it would be great for an everyday mascara, as the removal wasn't hard at all just a quick swipe with remover.. 
Was it worth my $10? yes it was..would I buy it again; quite possibly..