Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a quickie mani..

I did this in no time at all, hence all the messiness.. It's a quick drying polish (not holo quick but still speedy) gorgeous blue jelly base with a fine greenish glitter, not at all chunky like Nubar Night Sparkle.  I only had time to do 2 coats of polish hence it being slightly sheer..
OPI Catch Me in Your Net
Also on my recent jaunt over to New Zealand stopped in a Nike store and picked up these beauties, brown glitter and metallic red... <3

Monday, September 20, 2010

Venomous Villains Collection..

I can't wait till this collection from Mac hits the online shop! The Malefiecent collection is where all the polishy goodness is.. I don't think I will be able to wait until I see swatches (as I normally do) I'll just be compelled to buy them as soon as they're released.. Formidable! is looking a little like Orly's Space Cadet only a bit more purple.. Yummo!

Mean & Green; Formidable!;Bad Fairy.
I was looking for a widget to countdown till the release but couldn't find an appropriate one, does anyone know where to find intructions on how to make your own countdown widget?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

...... here are the 1st pics

Revlon Scented Polishes are back; this time not in a cute pack of three but individually sold.. I've had Peach Smoothie on my nails since I bought it. Its a peach creme base with small flecks of pink and gold, it's pretty enough but the scent doesn't seem to last as long as the ones from last summer.. I still have to try the rest so i haven't finalized my judgement yet.

Beach; Grape Icy; Gum Drop; Cotton Candy; Peach Smoothie.

China Glaze has equal claim to being my favourite polish brand as OPI.. I love the extravagant range of colors and the huge amount of glitter that has been coming out recently..
Straight Up; 3 Martini Lunch; Tanished & Varnished; Shaken Not Stirred; Martini Pedicure; Sass in a Glass.
Grape Pop;Four Leaf Clover; Sugar High; Re-Fresh Mint; Light as Air.
Coconut Kiss; Dorothy Who?; C-C-Courage.
Jade is the New Black;Suzi Says Feng Shui; Catch Me in Your Net.
Sahara Sapphire; Midnight Blue Glitter; Sapphire in the Snow; Merry Midnight; My Private Jet.

Face of Australia is a brand i haven't tried before but with my online shopping ban I haven't got any of the CG poolside collection.. (yet) I was pleasantly surprised by the application, a couple of coats was all I needed, it was matte like all good neons are but all the more reason to apply top coat.. and these babies lasted.. 3 days straight without tipwear!!
These babies did have names but unfortunately all the labels came off :(


Starting to photograph my many purchases during my hiatus; and have realised the small fortune I spend on nail polish alone not to mention my other fixations.. I have finally caved awhile back;  bought a PS3 and I love it!! Went a tad crazy when EB Games had their EOFYS but it was all worth it, the hours of entertainment I get when I'm just too lazy to hunt down a new novel to read make up for the ridiculous amount of cash I have dolled out...
Speaking of good books, I have rekindled my enjoyment of reading with the fabulous Margret Atwood!

Back from NZ!

Had a wonderful rushed tour of the north island with my mother.. Saw some wonderful things; giant trees; waterfalls etc.. but nothing compared to the sight that greeted me in a small shop in Te Kopuru.. The Really Good Shop

One of my many vices is my massive sweet tooth.. so i was in heaven when i found out they also have an online shop to get all your NZ lolly needs sorted!!
Also my tax return came back so I'm just putting in a massive order for all the polish I've been lusting after for ages..