Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hair stuff... (50% off TIGI)

having done a massive cleanup of the bathroom I discovered that loads of my hair products had died a painful and somewhat sticky death.. So due this I am forced to go shopping for hair products once more; this time I am looking for products that smell nice.. (the main reason that I placed the old products in the back of the cupboard is that they smelled a little weird)
So into my life came  TIGI again, I have already had Smoothing Stuff from the Dumb Blonde range, which I love.. It's a wonderful shimmery finishing creme which is light (as long as it's used sparingly) and doesn't weigh my fine hair down; and smells fantastic!! (strawberries)  So walking passed my local Stefans hairdresser I was gobsmacked to see that they have 50% off TIGI products!! I was very restrained and bought only 2 products.. Superstar blowdry lotion and Hard To Get texturizing paste.. So far when I've used them I haven't got the stiff hair syndrome that my previous similar products gave me but still enough body and control to survive the day at work. The smell does fade but I don't mind that seeing as it won't clash with whatever perfume I'm wearing that day.. and the funky looking packaging is awesome!!
Superstar Blowdry Lotion

Are there any other TIGI products you'd recommend?

If you cant get to a salon they do have an online shop..

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