Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New stuff!!

Just come back from the opening of Beautiful You's Day Spa. The treatments look fab and the spa bath looks redunkulously cool.. It looks like a punk studded bath it has that many jets in it..*drool* There was a small baggie handed out on entry and there were a few samples of Thalgo, and a mini Essie emery board.  I could not resist the Essie Spring Collection mini set.. I haven't tried any essie products yet and collections of minis are always a good way to go when sampling a brand for the first time..
Red Nouveau, Tart Deco, Lilacism, Pop Art Pink.

You know you have a problem when you start buying racks and more storage space for ones ever growing collection of polish.  I am unashamedly a polish addict.. my friends try to steer me away from the makeup section most of the time they are successful; which only leaves me with more polish money to spend online.. I have only recently rekindled my customer relations with both transdesign and 8ty8 beauty supply; which has left me in a state of high alert for the postie..

My new OPI Polish rack..
A few of my eBay purchases..

OPI Here Today.. Aragon Tomorrow Suede, Zoya Veruscka Matte Velvet, Nubar Peacock Feathers.
Nubar Peacock Feathers under flash

Orly Royal Navy
A friend's brother had the audacity to wonder why anyone would ever need more than 2 colours of nail polish.. What is the minimum number of polishes you could live with?

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