Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inglot Holographic Lipglosses (AMC)

color 542

a different angle in attempt to show the "holo"

Last time I went to Inglot I had huge fun playing around with their eyeshadow.. the only thing that drew me away momentarily, was this super snazzy lip gloss range!! It's so so pretty.. and shiny!! It unfortunately does not look like it does in the tube on the lips.. a faint shimmer but nothing to "squeee" about! It has reasonable though not great staying power and the taste isn't over bearing, a bit like a sweet bakery good.. couldn't quite narrow it down further. It does apply like a dream, it's smooth and light feeling, no gloopy lips with this gloss!! The only reason why I bought 542 at the time as there were only 2 of it left in stock and about a dozen of 541; and I could only afford one at the time. Which brings me round to cost.. I think it was $28.. Not too bad for this quality of product though I do have cheaper glosses that look pretty much the same.. I will be returning to purchase 541; mainly due to it being a  purple holo shimmer in a clear base..

Layed over Australis lipstick,  21 Diamonds/Disco Fever

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