Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mini eBay Haul

Zoya; Mimi, Ivanka; OPI; Pearl of Wisdom, Panda-monium Pink; CG; Below Deck.

 Ahhh eBay nemisis to my savings account...After seeing a wonderful green sparkle coming from a fellow bloggers nail polish collection I knew I had to hunt that baby down.. I ordered Zoya Mimi and Ivanka and China Glaze's Below Deck.  Ivanka is gorgeous, a brilliant green with a wonderful golden shimmer (the only reason why I didn't apply it first is because I got wonderfully sunburnt and anything green just exacerbates the redness) Mimi is mindblowingly purple, it's got a purple/reddish shimmer, it's not too dark or too light.. just beautiful!! China Glaze's Below deck is a colour I don't already have in my collection and I do love CG's formula..
Zoya; Mimi
The only niggle I have with Zoya is their brush, it's a little short.. no nail polish brush can beat OPI, but I do prefer a longer brush so it can fan out over my nail better..
Speaking of OPI, I had a major nail disaster while down in Sydney, I have been using Orly's Nail rescue for a 3 weeks or so with no problems, but that changed pretty quickly, my thumb nail got slightly squished (someone sat on my hand) and my mail tip decided to disintegrate, as I looked closer at my remaining nails I could see that the nail rescue layer had started to fracture, and by the end of the day had started peeling off (with some nail still attached) .. I headed off to the nearest salon the next day to ask whether they could help my poor ravaged nails.. they suggested a nail tip for my left thumb and a fine layer of acrylic to strengthen my remaining nails and that the only other course of action would be to chop all my nails down (as a polish addict my main concern was whether I could still utilise my collection) after being reassured that I still could; I shelled out a modest $45 and had my 1st professional manicure in 10 years!!  I have been looking for a nice soft pink for a while, not fully pastel and not a hint of sheerness so  I took this opportunity to try out Panda-monium Pink (OPI), fell in love and rushed off (as soon as my mani was dry) to David Jones to purchase it; I also got Pearl of Wisdom (both are from the Hong Kong collection) which is a lovely sheer shimmery polish for layering.  (I'm thinking next mani will be CG below Deck with OPI Pearl of Wisdom over the top!!)

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