Monday, February 14, 2011

Blonde again!!

My current hair; blonde with a small blue chunk under my fringe..

My favourite care product is Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo.. It's the best toning shampoo I've tried; a little goes a long long way, the smell is great.. (like berries and a bit vanillary) and easily available in Priceline.. it is basically a purple dye so it does stain ones fingers if you have it on your hands for too long, but it works wonders on brassiness.. The directions recommend that you use it every 2nd wash but I found that I was gradually going lilac when I was using it that frequently, every 3 washes is more that adequate..
It comes in purple packaging too.. :)
So so purply!! this smear was from a tiny drop (roughly 1/4 of a 5c piece)
As for hair dye I use a combination of Manic Panic or Fudge, whatever takes my fancy at the time..

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