Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hair... Bright & Bold

Initially had the crazy idea of adding a few streaks of purple to my hair.. which I thought looked great, I LOVE the purple; what I did not love was acquaintances asking why did I do something so bright and different.. "I felt like a change" was not to them a satisfactory answer.. Why not go blond or cut your hair like normal people?
BAH to being normal!!! and so to put these people really off guard (and because I like having unnaturally vibrant coloured hair) I went on a dying spree...
Green & a smidge of gold
Tequila sunrise
Mermaid green/blue
So after I while I decided to go back to my roots so to speak.. back to brown, as I was worried what all my DIY salon work would be doing to my hair. I went light golden/mousy brown but wasn't really enthused about my hair, so I did what a normal person would do; and cut it.. then made a terrible mistake.. I chose a permanent hair dye similar to the color I already had in, and it fried my hair; split ends left right and centre, that awful straw feeling; bleugh!!  Not to mention after a few washes it starts coming out.. and I'm left with bleached ends and that "summer" look.  So I cut off the fried ends.. they came back within a fortnight,
I was inspired from my months of experimenting with doing my own hair, after bleaching my hair felt stressed but after a night sleeping in desired shade of dye my hair was lusciously soft and buoyant.. My remedy; overnight conditioner with with purple dye to tone down the blonding ends, yes I may have added accidentally ;) too much purple but result is amazing.. not only the colour is fantastic, a brown base with strands of  lilac verging into proper purple every now and then.. but the feel of my hair is sooo much better. :)

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