Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pics from my last haul!

From the China Glaze INK collection,
Nail decals, Blue Sparrow, Flying Dragon, Ink, LE Orange Cuticle Oil

Paper Chasing, Sky High-Top, Bermuda Breakaway, Solar Power.

OMG Wireless Holographic T/C, White on White, Black Leather, Ghoulish Glow T/C

From the China Glaze OMG collection;

I can't begin to describe how pretty these polishes are. The holographic OMG range is gorgeous (and great for konad) some are more subtle in their holographic nature (LOL, QT, DV8), but they dry really quickly and the colors themselves are really pretty.

Both Blue Sparrow and Flying Dragon have glitter in them & I found I needed 2 coats of T/C to make my nails shiny and smooth. With any glitter polish it's a little tougher to get off but these 2 are well worth the extra hassle!

Paper Chasing is a fantastic green with a green shimmer, Sky High-Top has a blue shimmer through it. I was really worried about Paper Chasing having read that some people needed 3+ coats to make it opake but mine was fine with just 2 (maybe i got lucky). I will definately be buying more from the Custom Kicks collection that these 2 polishes are from!

Bermuda Breakaway, a wonderful creme blue, Solar Power a happy yellow with shimmer, they look really nice together and plan on doing a Dita Von Teese mani with these 2!

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  1. Nice haul! And you've got some sought after holo's! I've not used them yet but I love the swatches I've seen! Will look forward to your swatches! :)