Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nail polish

About a fortnight ago i was doing some serious procrastination, using one of the most valuable tools the internet has to offer; Youtube! I came across a few videos on Konad, (which is ridiculously cute nail stamping system) and fell in love. My addiction to all things nail related has come back to bite me and no amount of rehab will cure me of my affliction. Also 'discovered' China Glaze a nail polish that we don't have here in Australia (or at least I've never seen it) the colors are amazing; I just couldn't help myself and ordered a huge amount online. Got a few bottles from the OMG range; Ruby Pumps and Gussied up in Green.
I was a devotee of OPI but I fear China Glaze has changed that, I am smitten. The downfall is that I can only order it online and don't have a chance to see it in the bottle, but with OPI costing $19.99 AU; paying $2.68 US for China Glaze (+ postage) the price is better and I don't feel so bad buying in bulk. (Just so I can save on postage or that's what i tell myself.)

This a picture of my 1st play session with Konad (plate m19 & s9), I'm pretty pleased with it though I did smudge it a little.


  1. I'd be pleased with that effort too! Looks fab! Love the Japanese doll! Another Aussie blogger! Hoorah!