Saturday, September 18, 2010

...... here are the 1st pics

Revlon Scented Polishes are back; this time not in a cute pack of three but individually sold.. I've had Peach Smoothie on my nails since I bought it. Its a peach creme base with small flecks of pink and gold, it's pretty enough but the scent doesn't seem to last as long as the ones from last summer.. I still have to try the rest so i haven't finalized my judgement yet.

Beach; Grape Icy; Gum Drop; Cotton Candy; Peach Smoothie.

China Glaze has equal claim to being my favourite polish brand as OPI.. I love the extravagant range of colors and the huge amount of glitter that has been coming out recently..
Straight Up; 3 Martini Lunch; Tanished & Varnished; Shaken Not Stirred; Martini Pedicure; Sass in a Glass.
Grape Pop;Four Leaf Clover; Sugar High; Re-Fresh Mint; Light as Air.
Coconut Kiss; Dorothy Who?; C-C-Courage.
Jade is the New Black;Suzi Says Feng Shui; Catch Me in Your Net.
Sahara Sapphire; Midnight Blue Glitter; Sapphire in the Snow; Merry Midnight; My Private Jet.

Face of Australia is a brand i haven't tried before but with my online shopping ban I haven't got any of the CG poolside collection.. (yet) I was pleasantly surprised by the application, a couple of coats was all I needed, it was matte like all good neons are but all the more reason to apply top coat.. and these babies lasted.. 3 days straight without tipwear!!
These babies did have names but unfortunately all the labels came off :(

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